Winter Skin Tips

By The COZmedics Team - Wednesday, 22 June 2016

With winter upon us now is the perfect time to repair and rejuvenate your skin. Here are a few common concerns our cleints have coming into winter & how you can address them.

Brown & Discoloured Spots

Noticed a few brown spots on your face? This is known as skin pigmentation & can occur as either lighter or darker patches of skin. The cause for the skin tone change is due to change in melanin production which is a type of natural pigment which regulates the colour of your skin. When you are exposed to excess UV light your melanin production increases hence producing a darker skin tone (e.g tanning). Lighter tones are created when you have a decrease in melanin production and can be a result of a blister, burns, scabs etc.

How do I treat it?

Cutera Limelight (IPL)

This cutting edge IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment delivers a smooth and even complexion by improving the skin tone & surface imperfections. Performed by a qualified operator the non-invasive IPL works by heating the pigmented brown or red cells causing them to regenerate and produce new cells.

The aliangé Vitamin C and B3 serum

Utilising a potent hit of vitamin C + niacinamide which work together to brighten and increase collagen synthesis. Designed as a lightweight serum which can be used day to day below your make to repair your skin. Also contains a natural moisturizer - Hyaluronic Acid which draws water to the skin to increase hydration during the colder months.

Hair Removal

Tired of constantly waxing & shaving? Remove your hair once and for all with permanent hair removal. Many of our clients choose winter as the perfect time to remove their excess hair in time for Spring & Summer and undergo this treatment in combination with their fitness goals for that summer body.

How do I remove it?

Cutera Prowave & Coolglide Lasers

These medical grade hair removal lasers deliver superior results utilising the latest in laser wavelength technology. Using either the Coolglide or Prowave we are able to effectively treat fine hair just as effectively as coarse hair. Clients usually require a series of 6-8 treatments with visible result showing after the first few treatments.

Red or Rosy Cheeks

Suffering from red cheeks? Known as Rosacea - this condition is more prevalent in colder months when environmental factors such as wind and low humidity are common. Rosacea is a common skin disorder which causes red pimple patches to appear on the skin.

How do I treat it?

Cutera Laser Genesis

A non-invasive walk in walk out laser treatment which works by gently heating the layers of skin well below the surface which stimulates new deep collagen growth. As the collagen growth progress it replaces the top most layer of your skin revealing a new perfect layer.

Topical Creams & Medications

Our cosmetic doctors can prescribe and dispense a range of topical creams and oral antibiotics to effectively treat rosacea. Topical creams act as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial to treat the papules and pustules while medications act as an antibiotic. To find out more book a consultation with one of our cosmetic doctors.


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