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By Dr Angela Richardson - Friday, 1 July 2016

Your face is one of your most precious and important areas of your body. It's the first thing people see when they meet you and its used to convey emotions & feelings without a word being spoken. In recent years the cosmetic medicine sector within Australia has grown substantially with many new entrants in the market. What many of my patients don't realise though is that not every clinic is equal.

Like with any arm of medicine, the practice of cosmetic medicine places trust upon the practitioner. Trust that the practitioner will advise the best available treatment to address the patients concerns, trust that the practitioner will utilize the best available treatment and trust that the practitioner performs the treatment in a safe environment.

To help make your decision when choosing a cosmetic clinic easier I have compiled some key questions you should always ask before undergoing a treatment.


Most often I see patients who don't realise cosmetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are classified as Schedule 4 medicines. Just like the medications your General Practitioner would prescribe - Schedule 4 medications can only be prescribed by a doctor who understands how the treatment works, its benefits and side effects.

  • Is the practitioner a cosmetic doctor or work with a doctor with prior experience and training in the cosmetic medicine field?
  • Does the practitioner and clinic have the appropriate medical insurance to protect you?
  • Is their registration current & without imposed restrictions with Australia health registration body AHPRA?
  • Does the clinic have an onsite doctor and medical team available to respond to any unforeseen complications including resuscitation capability?
  • Does the clinic have an after care contact number and do they have comprehensive aftercare instructions?

Latest Treatments

Like any field of medicine, cosmetic medicine is constantly evolving. Treatments and best practices are always improving for the better. As a patient this means you can enjoy better results, less downtime and safer treatments.

Addressing the patients concerns

One of the most important factors in choosing a cosmetic doctor is ensuring they understand & address your concerns.

  • Does the practitioner create a treatment plan designed around your facial features & concerns
  • Does the practitioner relate to your concerns?
  • Do they have a before & after book which shows previous patients and the results they achieved?

You may need to do a little research, however, it is far better to be well-informed and pay for the expertise, safety & quality your cosmetic practitioner offers.


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