Mole & skin tag removal

By Dr Alison Jamieson - Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Do you have a troublesome or unsightly mole? Now you can remove it with Radiosurgery - a quick and simple treatment which uses radio-frequency to shave the mole away. Radiosurgery is a great alternative to the older more invasive methods used to remove moles which involved cutting and stitching the skin leaving visible scarring.

With radiosurgery there is no scarring. Post treatment the site of removal will be slightly paler however within 7-14 days this will settle.

Will removing moles using Radiosurgery cosmetic techniques prevent my moles from turning into Melanoma?

A popular question..... DEFINITELY NOT!

If a mole is suspected of being a melanoma then it needs to be removed entirely by excision for diagnostic purposes and this needs to be done urgently. Radiosurgery removes only the superficial cells of a lesion therefore cells may remain in the deeper layers of the skin. Removing normal moles does not guarantee protection from development of melanoma. Remember, melanoma does not always arise in existing moles but also in surrounding skin, including the soles of feet! You are still required to have regular skin checks for skin cancer even after you have had removal of moles by ANY means. Any lesion that appears suspicious may be sampled before a lesion is removed cosmetically. Your Doctor will inform you if there are any concerns about the lesions you want removed.

How many treatments will I need?

In general, only one treatment is needed per lesion. When removing lesions with this technique it is best to avoid shaving too deeply. It is easier for the treating Doctor to go back and remove a little more if needed but if too much is taken in the first treatment, it may leave a large depression in the skin.


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