New Australian Sun Screen Standards

By The COZmedics Team - Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The most visible change for consumers will be to the SPF number but the most important change will be, to the level of UVA protection of those products claiming SPF50+. Those products claiming SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum will now offer higher UVA protection. For Australians the new legislation means a step forward in skin protection.

“The new Standard in Australia will cleverly establish the link between SPF claims and broad spectrum protection. The higher UVA protection comes at a time when we are starting to understand the evils of this longer wavelength to our skin health. UVA has been the poor brother of the more obviously damaging, shorter UVB wavelength that causes the sunburn and surface sun damage."

The advantage for COZmedics clients? Decades of experience and education in the science of skin and compliance to the SPF and UVA protection criteria of the new Australian legislation led us to stock French-based brand, La Roche-Posay.

One of its standout sun care products, Anthelios Fluide Extreme, SPF 30+ already complies with the new regulation and offers the broadest sun protection available with the highest tolerance for sensitive skin.


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