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By Dr Alison Jamieson - Friday, 15 May 2015

Dr Alison Jamieson

Cosmetic Doctor & Founder

We live in a truly blessed era, where the choices to rejuvenate ourselves are not only safe but provide a natural and refreshed look. Rejuvenation - the goal being to make us all look a little more beautiful no matter what our age.

To achieve this goal of rejuvenation, there are some key elements. Your cosmetic practitioner has to have a clear understanding of the "Science and the Art of Beauty" as well as have the tools to create a more naturally rejuvenated you, creating an appearance that is appropriate for each stage of facial ageing and in keeping with a look that is consistent, predictable and optimal.

The range of treatments and modalities are broader than ever before which gives patients more natural outcomes with minimal downtime. These factors mean treatments are now a much more accepted part of most peoples anti-ageing plan. Many patients treat their anti-ageing plans as they would any other financial investment - they are after immediate and ongoing long-term dividends.

Our understanding of ageing and facial beauty, male/female needs and the application of a variety of modalities gives us a good overview of optimal outcomes. If we combine filler and anti-wrinkle treatments with other non-surgical modalities such as laser (ablative or non-ablative) and/or medical grade facials we can achieve a great natural-looking outcome. With every new client I always discuss the Three R’s.

Relaxing: Often with muscle relaxants it is about trying to educate the patient so they understand what can and cannot be achieved. Muscle relaxants are used to treat dynamic wrinkles and work by relaxing the muscles that cause people to frown or squint, thus smoothing wrinkles and fine lines and creating an improved appearance.

Refilling or Reshaping: This we do with fillers, hyaluronic acid or L poly lactic acid fillers usually. We use lipolysis for jowls, “bullfrog neck” or saggy neck. We can also achieve face lifting with the fillers. We lift tissue by adding volume and improving the lift in the dermis you can get nice non-surgical lift effect and treat temple hollowing, mid-face drooping. 3D sculpting is not just about lines and wrinkles, these days the younger patient wants to glamourise or beautify their look or correct a genetic inadequacy whereas older patients want to treat the more predictable signs of ageing-related changes.

Reconditioning: While beauty trends have changed over the centuries, the one constant that signifies beauty is the health of the skin. Skin clarity is one of the main factors that should be addressed in any anti-ageing plan. It’s all well and good to fill a wrinkle but if the complexion is less than desirable then patients will never get an optimum overall result. It is important to assess the canvas of the skin for colour changes, blotches, red marks, textural concerns, large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, photodamage and deeper laxity issues.

There is no better time to commence the journey of anti-ageing - in good hands with the right tools and techniques the prospect of growing old can now certainly be done gracefully in a personal way entirely appropriate for each stage of this remarkable and beautiful journey that is life.

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