The Importance of a Daily Cleanser

By The COZmedics Team - Friday, 8 January 2016

Your skincare routine is only as great as your cleanser. Having a great foundation is the key to developing a great skincare routine. But why is it so important to cleanse your skin?

Skin cleansers do much more than just wash away makeup, the right facial cleanser washes away a multitude of nasties such as pollutants, bacteria and unwanted debris that has accumulated during the day. Cleansers also work to remove localised oil build ups in areas of your face such as the t-zone.

Cream or Gel based cleanser

There are a multitude of cleansers available to purchase with many of them falling into one of two categories; Cream based or Gel based.

Cream based cleansers are typically designed for dry and sensitive skin. They provide a rich hydrating cleanse while breaking down impurities without stripping away oil and drying your skin. Some contain anti inflammatory properties which is great for acne prone skin. Cream based cleanser leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Gel based cleansers are typically designed for normal to oily skin. The main advantage is that the consistency of the product works much more effectively at removing excess oil than a lighter hydrating cream cleanser. Gel based cleanser leave your skin with the feeling of a deep cleanse and firm/tightness.

Do I need to pick what suits my skin type?

As a guiding principle yes, however many cleansers today are developed to be just as effective on oily skin as they are on dry skin. The primary benefit of picking a cleanser based on your skin type will be the additional properties such as anti inflammatory, exfoliating and soothing agents which are included in specifically targeted products.


Afters years of 1st hand experience treating all skin types Dr Alison Jamieson developed her own medical grade skincare range named aliangé. Formulated and tested by Dr Jamieson based on her clinical experience, the range caters for all skin types at an affordable price point.

Gentle Gel Cleanser

A gel based daily cleanser with anti inflammatory properties such as panthenol, enatia bark and licorice extract. Amino acid complex provides enhanced skin moisturisation.

$49.95 | Available Instore or Online

Day & Night Cleanser

A cream based daily cleanser great for all skin types designed to wah away traces of makeup and oil. With Vitamin E complex and Seafoam Extract to help to reduce any irritation and redness.

$49.95 | Available Instore or Online

Foaming Cleanser

A cream based daily cleanser great for acne prone skin. Containing salicylic acid which helps reduce pore size and blackheads.

$49.95 | Available Instore or Online

I'm still unsure

The myriad of choices available can make skin care confusing and lead to you using the wrong products on your skin.

To help you find the right skincare we offer free skin consultation with a COZmedics Paramedical Skin Therapist who will help develop a customised skin care plan with medical grade skin products. This service is available within our 3 Skin Medispas located upon the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

To book a free skin consultation click here

To see the full range of aliangé medical skincare click here


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