Sweet Beauty

By Dr Angela Richardson - Friday, 24 April 2015

Dr Angela Richardson

Cosmetic Doctor

Equally as amazing as our mysterious Substance B mentioned in past articles, are the group of wonderful aesthetic tools known as hylauronic sugar gels. Often referred to as ‘the liquid lift’ or the ‘nonsurgical facelift’, these versatile products have experienced an interesting evolution over the last decade or two.

When I first started in Cosmetic Medicine over 12 years ago, the approach to rejuvenating a face and erasing lines was simple… “ there’s a line, fill it”. Both treatment techniques and products available were quite basic. Cosmetic practitioners and surgeons then became curious, and began to ask the questions- What is it that makes a face beautiful? Is it the absence of wrinkles and blotches? Symmetry? Their curiosity led to an interesting discovery… beauty actually had something to do with proportion and mathematics. Beauty had been reduced to one simple equation, “the golden ratio” or “1.61”. Leonardo da Vinci, famous for his artistic, scientific and architectural contributions, frequently utilized this ratio in his work. Believe it or not, it has also been found to be quite prominent in nature as well. So, when it comes to aesthetically treating a face it only made sense that practitioners aimed to restore ‘perfect proportions’ using this magic ratio.

Advances in technology for both products and injection techniques have evolved over time now suitably trained practitioners are able to recreate gorgeous cheekbone structure, subtly lift and shape soft tissues of the face and artistically redefine the perfect lip… and all this within approximately 30 minutes as a walk-in-walk-out procedure. Impressive, isn’t it! So, as all of my beautifully proportioned patients would already know, whenever I am asked what I think the secret to beauty is, my answer is… let me introduce you to the sweet life!

Anti-Wrinkle Before and After


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