Keloid, hypertrophic, raised, acne, injury, surgery, burns are associated with scars and after careful diagnosis it may be treated effectively with appropriate medical treatment and skin care.

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Scars occur when the skin (especially deeper dermis layer) is significantly damaged and it doesn’t repair well. It can leave a mark on the skin and can be raised, thick, unsightly, discoloured/red and itchy. Scars can be a subsequent outcome of an injury, surgery or if you have a genetic predisposition. Keloid scars are genetic and are characterized by thick, red and "bumpy" scars that can continue to grow and enlarge over time. The appearance of other types of scars can generally improve over time or need some medical intervention.

Particular scars, like hypertrophic and stretched skin marks, may need skin therapies to assist the healing process in the initial stages and allow the final scar appearance be minimal as possibly - pale and flat as it can be. The appearance of pitted/sunken skin scars, like acne or chicken pox, can be also assisted with different types of skin therapies.

Available Treatments

Scar appearance may be treatable and there are many different options depending on the symptoms and/or cause. It is important to be diagnosed correctly and treated accordingly. Please book an appointment to discuss further your scar concerns with COZmedics doctors & medical team