Romina Cuthbert

Paramedical Skin Therapist

About Romina Cuthbert

Romina has always had the ambition to work alongside elite professionals in a cosmetic environment to assist, educate and treat clients needs by delivering treatments to increase the optimal health and functioning of their skins to the greatest level achievable. Since battling herself with problematic skin, this was the beginning of her drive to becoming obsessed with skin and with the aid of cosmetic doctors and nurses, she is able to offer treatments to her clients on a deeper more active level to ensure greater results for the now and long term into the future.

Romina's knowledge of skin enables her to provide treatments in microdermabrassion, advanced skin peels and enzyme therapies to rebuild and restore skins with any concerns or conditions. She also has extensive training to perform Cutera Laser and Intense Pulse Light treatments for skin rejuvenation and hair removal to offer a more advanced and optimal result to her clients and therefore is able to obtain progressive results at a pharmaceutical grade to ensure clients concerns are improving and the best results are maintained with comfort and trust.