Danielle Mathers

Cosmetic Nurse

About Danielle Mathers

Danielle is a QUT graduate who holds a Bachelor Degree in Nursing with Distinction. Currently also practicing nursing at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Danielle holds a firm belief in gentle, safe, and confidential patient care. She brings more than five years experience in the cosmetic industry and performs a wide range of aesthetic treatments that are tailored to each individual client.

Danielle performs a range of cosmetic treatments including cosmetic injectables, laser and IPL rejuvination, acne treatments, skin needling, platelet rich plasma, microdermabrasion, and medical grade chemical peels. The ability to perform such an extensive range of therapies ensures that each client receives bespoke treatments using modalities and techniques best suited for their concern.

Danielle has had extensive training in cosmetic injectables by Allergan Pharmaceuticals and regularly attends National Conferences and workshops, thus ensuring in-depth knowledge in the most up-to-date injecting techniques and aesthetic facial assessment. She also holds a range of laser licenses with Queensland Health.

Working closely with the highly regarded Dr. Angela Richardson and Dr. Alison Jamieson, Danielle has developed a keen eye for aesthetics, delivering beautiful results for her clients at Cozmedics. Her approach is to ensure a very natural, healthy look by harmonising the contours and facial features of the client, thus providing optimal results.

"Our appearance influences how we feel about ourselves and, therefore, are perceived by others. I love being able to be able to help people make positive changes in their lives using safe, non-invasive treatments, helping my clients look and feel their very best."