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We are a team of specialised cosmetic doctors, cosmetic nurses, paramedical therapists and allied professionals who deliver the safest most advanced facial and body rejuvenation together with integrated anti-ageing & wellbeing medicine. Our Cosmetic Doctors have over 20 years expertise and are among some of the best in Australia.

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A leading medical team

Every patients treatment is either performed or overseen by a COZmedics Doctor and guided by our Medical Directors

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Face Concerns

Our doctors treat a wide variety of cosmetic, skin & dermatological concerns and conditions utilising the latest treatment standards.

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Body Concerns

Our doctors treat a wide variety of body concerns such as skin cancers, body hair, stretch marks and leg veins.

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Wellbeing Concerns

Our Integrative medicine doctors can treat wellbeing concerns such as menopause, hormone imbalances, Vitamin deficiencies & more.

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These are called black or white heads and are a result of a blocked pore. Known as comedones these develop as a result of excess keratin and sebum being produced and ...

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The Angel Lift

Dr Kambiz Golchin explains the use of platelets and how they are used to restore facial features


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Latest News

The Importance of a Daily Cleanser

Your skincare routine is only as great as your cleanser. Like anything having great foundations is the key to developing a great skincare routine. But why is it so important to cleanse your skin?

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The Black Diamond Award

COZmedics has been awarded the Black Diamond award which recognizes leaders in the field of cosmetic medicine ...

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New Wrinkle Treatment

A new anti-wrinkle treatment is coming & COZmedics will be one of the first clinics to receive it ...

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